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A colorindicator...

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Vilken Farg A colorindicator for iPhone users. App "Vilken farg" is Swedish for "What color". I have used the Swedish name just for fun, also the english name was already taken... But any way, it is an simple colorindicator.
Open the App and use the internal iPhone camera, select or point the interested object in the picture, you will get a direct answer of the objects color. The cheapest alternative to get an colorindicator.

Vilken Farg example-1

Use your mobile camera

Take a picture with the camera, move the cursor to the item you want to know the color of, the color name is printed in plain text on the top of the screen. You can also use any of your existing pictures that you have in your iPhone.

The app has an archive of over 200 colors. When you move the cursor, a search is made and the color closest to the selected area is printed. The average value of the selected area is used.

Vilken Farg example-2

Set the white balance

It is best if you have something white in the same image. Eg copypaper, a countertop, etc. Then you have the option to set it as a white reference point. This offsets all the colors as much as the white differed from pure white.

If you have a red tone in the image due to incorrect white balance in the camera, its now compensated. Even dark scenes are better analyzed if we can set a white reference. The result is never better than the camera's quality and / or the photographer's accuracy. Example, a blurry image can produce an incorrect result, or a dark image without a white reference give dark colors, although the colors are bright.