Quick Balloons

Quick Balloons

Your photos is speaking...

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Quick balloons is a small app that makes it really easy to add speechballoons and textboxes to your photos.

Quick Balloons

Easily to make speech- and think balloons

It is designed to make it quick and easy to add the balloons. Select your photo or use the camera to take a new one.
Add a balloon, adjust size, position and edit your text. You can arrange three photos in a row to make it a small story.Save it to your album or send it as a message to your friends.

Welcome to use the handy iPhone tool

There is speech- and think balloons, and a square textbox. To make it easy the options are limited. There is not 100 different layout options. Only three different colours, one font in some different sizes. Just add some humour and fantasy.

Use the camera icon to select a photo from the album. It is possible to zoom and move the photo in the frame. To do that first tap the photo, the outer line becomes red. Now you can move and zoom using normal pinch and pan movement. Use the + icon to add balloons. To resize or move the balloon it needs to be selected, showing a red outer line. Pan the round markers in the corner ro resize. Pan red circle in the balloon to move it.

Use the action icon ( the right hand button ) to save it as a new photo to your album, or directly send it as a message to your friends.

Editing contens in balloons

Tap a selected balloon to edit it. To add a second or third photo use the + icon and then the frame option. When having more than one photo you simply scroll left and right to select the photo to be edited.

Quick Balloons

Rotate the iPhone to landscape to get a preview of the result.